Friday, November 20, 2009

UCSD Conrad Prebys Concert Hall

On Monday December 7 at noon,

Aurora Borealis will be performing Andrew Allen's Taint Sysia for soprano and stone chimes. Text are by Lia Purpura. More information about Andrew Allen at

On the same concert Steve will be performing Morton Feldman's classic King of Denmark.

Tiffany also will be taking part in a realization of Louis Andriessen's Workers Union.

University of California at San Diego
Conrad Prebys Concert Hall
Free admission

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Composition Competition 2009 Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions regarding the composition competition.

Thank you for everyone who has submitted questions! Below is a list of the most frequent questions asked. This list will be updated occasionally. All questions are valid, and may help someone else. Good luck to everyone! And please send all questions only to this address:

This is an anonymous competition.

Can the composition be for more then 1 percussionist and/or more then 1 singer?
No. At this time the competition is limited to only 1 percussionist and 1 soprano. In the future we may include additional musicians, but not at this time.

Can the work include vibraphone?
No. The list of instruments is specifically designed for several reasons including (but not limited to); what we can travel with and what we own.

Are other languages allowed besides what are listed in the official rules?
Yes. Please, contact us before writing for any language other then the ones mentioned in the official rules. Several additional items need to be included with the submission (listed below). If we are not contacted beforehand that submission can/will be disqualified. Do not assume a language will be allowed if the items below are included; some languages may not be allowed.
1)a transliteration in IPA,
2)a word for word translation,
3)a cd (or video) demonstrating the pronunciation. Unfortunately, a recording of a performance would not fill this requirement; due to balances, performance mishaps, etc.

Does the submission have to be written specifically for this competition?

Is it alright if the composition has been performed already?

Are arrangements allowed?
Arrangements of your own works are allowed. Arrangements of others works are not allowed. You must have the rights to be able to arrange your work, as well.

What is a Mokusho?
It is a Japanese instrument similar to a woodblock. It is traditionally played with the mallet pictures to the right. The sound is similar to a wood block, but the mokusho is a much drier and articulate sound.

What are Elephant Bells?
It is a string of bells. Each bell is lower in pitch then a traditional string of bells, and each individual bell is more resonant then a single bell on a string of bells.

Other instruments and sound samples will soon be available.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

April & May Concerts

We are pleased to announce a string up coming concerts. For the concerts marked Private Event we may be able to have people attend. Please contact us for more information.

April 23, 7PM. Casa Galicia. Lorca in NY Re-Visited.
3709 31 Ave. Astoria, NY 11103. Free Admission
Works by: Albert Carbonell, Raphael Fusco, and Jorge Sosa. World Premiere of Jorge Sosa's Refraction III for Voice and Tape. Guest artist: Marissa Byers, Bass Clarinet.

May 5, 2pm. Hospital Audiences Inc.(HAI). Brooklyn, Kingsboro Psychiatric Center. Private Event.

May 5, 5pm. HAI. Manhattan, Kirby Forensic Psychiatric Center. Private Event.

May 10, 10am. HAI. Bronx Psychiatric Center. Private Event.

May 30, 10am. HAI. Bronx Psychiatric Center. Private Event.

May 30, 1:15pm. HAI. Manhattan Psychiatric Center. Private Event.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Egypt & Upcoming Events

We recently returned from a fantastic trip to Egypt. Our engagement there with Cultures in Harmony was a unbelievable experience filled with both hope and sadness that took us to Cairo and Alexandria. The highlights of the trip include (in order of occurrence)...

- A performance at the US Ambassadors residence for Madam Margaret Scobey.
- Workshop with 45+ orphans and performance on the Nile River.
- A performance for The Village of Hope, outside of Alexandria. The Village of Hope is facility for special needs people run by Nada Thabet. Mrs. Thabet was one of 1000 women nominated for the Nobel Peace prize in 2005.
- A 5 day workshop for children for one of the poorer neighborhoods in Alexandria. The workshop included teaching western music, learning an Egyptian folk song, and creating compositions with the workshop participants. A special thanks to Rotaract for providing translators and help during the workshops (specifically Haitham Mohamed and Tawfik Diab who were Tiffany's and my translators.)
- A concert at the American Center in Alexandria. This concert included a Cultures in Harmony performance, the performance of the created pieces during our workshops by our participants, and a group performance with amazing world-class Egyptian musicians. A special thanks to Ahmad Gamal who is an amazing performer and for help organizing the musicians.

Upcoming Events

February 14, 7:30pm. Thalia at Symphony Space. NY Composers Circle concert.
Aurora Borealis - World Premiere arrangement of Elliott Carter's Tell Me Where is Fancy Bred and Tania Leon's Love after Love.

February 19, 8pm. Mannes College of Music. Mannes Faculty Concert.
Stephen Solook - World Premiere Robert Cuckson's Three Dances for Marimba.

March 3, 7pm. (Location TBA)
Aurora Borealis - World Premiere of Albert Carbonell's Gacella's, and works by Raphael Fusco and Jorge Sosa.

March 4, 8pm. The Italian Academy at Columbia University. Lucy Shelton recital.
Aurora Borealis with Lucy Shelton. Karen Rehnqvist's Puksanger-Lockrop and Luciano Berio's Folk Songs.

March 8, 2pm. 117th & Lexington Ave. Aurora Borealis concert.
Aurora Borealis will repeat their concert from March 3. This concert series is coordinated by composer Jorge Sosa.

March 22, time TBA. Garden City Concert series, Long Island. Aurora Borealis with Lucy Shelton.
The concert will feature Karen Rehnqvist's Puksanger-Lockrop among other selections. This concert series is coordinated by composer Bruce Adolphe.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hospital Audiences Inc.

We are pleased to announce that Aurora Borealis is now on the roster of Hospital Audiences Inc. (HAI). For more information on HAI and booking information please follow the link below.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Oct.'08 concerts

Oct.19, 2:30pm Aurora Borealis. Hewlett-Woodmere Library Concert Series.
Hewlett, Long Island, NY.
Oct.25, 2pm Aurora Borealis. Russell Library Concert Series.
Oct.26, 3pm Aurora Borealis. Hingham LIbrary Concert Series.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Upcoming '08 dates for Steve

Feb.17, 1:30pm; Mannes College of Music; Free - Premiere of Faye-Ellen Silverman's Memory and Alterations for solo marimba. For more information,

Feb.29, 6pm; NYC Bar Association - Recital. Works include Stout, Rosauro, Alvarez, Rzewski, and premieres by Russell and Loeb. Guests Tonal Center. For more information,

March 15, 7:30pm; Park Slope, Brooklyn - Rosauro Concerto #1 with BCCO and Dorothy Savitch, cond. For more information,

April 13, 7:30pm; Carnegie Hall, Zankel - Professional Training Workshop with David Krakauer on Klezmer Music. For more information,

May 20, 8pm; Frederick Loewe Theater, NYU - New York Composers Circle. Performance of Richard McCandless's Childhood for solo percussion with voice. For more information,